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Projects and Services

App Development

Commando Paws

Planning and Project Management, App Design and Development are all parts of an application. One of the projects I have been involved is the development of my latest game application “Commando Paws”. A 2D arcade/platform runner which is packed with action for those needed moments. This project required both graphics and coding skills, a great opportunity to enlighten the mind and come up with fresh ideas. Available to download via the Google Play store and soon to come on all major digital stores.

Front-end development

Web Design

Simplicity at its best, is a well desired feature. Handling these features is a priority for my projects. From newly styled one-page websites to more defined ideas, it all comes to one point. Always discussed and planned together, your visions of a productive website would become a reality. Think of what would you like and let’s get started!


Development skills

Web and other Languages:

HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, Javascript, C#

About me

George Tsourapis

Front end/App developer

Bsc Computer Science (London South Bank University)

Designing skills

Designing Tools and IDES:

Sketch, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Blocs, Unity, Visual Studio

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